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Zoned for maximum support. The curve of your back. The shape of your hips. The width of your shoulders. Back sleeper. Side sleeper. Tummy sleeper. No matter your body or sleep habits, zComfort’s proprietary layers are zoned to conform to the contours of your body, providing pressure relief, perfect alignment, and allowing you to sleep more naturally.


What’s in a Mattress

All zComfortplus mattresses offer the following:

Q10 antioxidant is an anti-aging skincare formula that helps protect your skin from damage.

SILVADUR antimicrobial ion technology delivers long-lasting odor protection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Cashmere blend sleep surface offers ultimate luxury and superior temperature regulation.

Natural wool provides an ideal sleep environment by warming when it’s cold and cooling when it’s warm.

3Mesh is a German engineered, breathable material. Exceptional airflow “supercools” your sleep experience.

Memory foam is posturized to evenly spread pressure along the length of your body, relieving pressure point discomfort.

Individually pocketed coils are zoned to support and conform to your body while dampening the movement of your partner.

zComfortplus Features & Warranty


  • Innerspring Memory Foam Hybrid Core
  • SILVADUR™ Antimicrobial Ion Treatment
  • 3 Comfort Level Options
  • Inner Natural Cotton Cover
  • Natural Oregon Wool Quilting
  • Cashmere Blend Cover
  • Q10 Antioxidant Skincare
  • 3Mesh Air Layer from Germany


Manufacturer’s warranty: 10-Year Limited Warranty.

If you have a warranty or product technical question, contact us at 720-616-5000 ext. 2.


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