The Lastest Moldel of Dr Fuji PS-8810 Massage chair

The Lastest Moldel of Dr Fuji PS-8810 Massage chair

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Final Collection Of Dr Fuji Pause Station, PS-8810

4D Massage

Now you can enjoy 4D Massage Movements with 4 massage rollers going up, down, left right, but also in and out with speed adjustments.

Zero Gravity

You could adjust to reach the zero gravity which counteracts the effects of gravity on your spine throughout the massaging process, leading to an improvement of blood circulation.

Bluetooth Hifi Sound

Stream your favorite music while enjoying the great massage from the Pause 8810. You can also charge the phone using wireless charging station under the arm rest.

Advanced Massage Techniques

Pause-8810 is built to replicate therapeutic massage, and thus most of the known massage techniques are added such as kneading, tapping, rolling, rubbing, acupressure and others.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Our Puase-8810 is built with Quiet operating motor which allows you to have peaceful massage while using the chair.

Smart Body Scan

Everyone's body is different. the body scan feature on Pause-8810 will read your body curve and pinpoint sore muscles and customize the message accordingly.


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