CarbonCool® + OmniPhase® Queen

CarbonCool® + OmniPhase® Queen


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CarbonCool® + OmniPhase® Queen The greatest scientific advancement in the industry since memory foam, phase change material (PCM) offers continual temperature regulation for ideal sleep comfort. Our proprietary application of OmniPhase® microencapsulated phase change material has created a new category in memory foam comfort. PCM continually adjusts to body and environmental temperature to maintain the optimum sleep temperature range. Supportive memory foam is infused with graphite - known for its excellent thermal conductivity properties - to remove heat. Tiny graphite molecules in the pillow create pathways that use conduction to channel heat away from the head, face and neck. A Tencel™ mesh cover creates a soft, smooth surface that helps to control humidity while allowing for maximum exposure to the the Omniphase® coating. We maximized the most advanced pillow-cooling technology available to create ideal comfort. L : 29 - W : 23 - H : 16 - W : 24.8

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