Brio - Massage Chair

Brio - Massage Chair

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Brio Massage Chair Features

  • Intelligent Soft 4D motion is based on traditional Chinese massage techniques

  • L-Track design mimics your body’s shape to provide a full-body massage from neck through the glutes

  • True Zero Gravity® position improves blood circulation and alleviates joint and spine pressure

  • Soothing, effectual heat can be felt in the lower back and feet

  • Acupressure Point Locator scans and customizes all sessions

  • Lay flat positioning with 157° of back recline and 80° of footrest raise

  • Full Body Air Massage includes attention on arms, calves, hips, and outer thighs

  • Wall Hugging design allows for placement anywhere in your home or office

  • 10 programmed massage sessions as well as manual capabilities

  • Foot rollers offer a gentle stimulation on your soles

  • Stylish remote control combines innovative design and functional simplicity


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